About Caddline

CADDLINE SYSTEMS PVT LTD (CSPL) is an established PCB design and manufacturing company in Chennai with the latest technology, modern equipment, ultra efficient processes and trained manpower to deliver professional grade PCB’s on time.

From a humble beginning in 1997 starting with PCB artwork design, we have grown today to encompass every aspect of PCB design, manufacture and assembling. We are highly quality oriented and have a proud zero rejection record to date while ensuring timely delivery at a competitive price.

We have deep professional and technical expertise to take on any turn-key project at any time. Our customers continue to drive us technologically with high demands, complex needs and requirements. Our customer centric approach and technology know-how is among the best in the industry. We have collaboration in a lot of areas with some of the leading PCB manufacturers around the world and represent them in the Indian region. Caddline is focussed in providing complete end to end solutions to tech companies around the world.

Our product and service line includes

  • PCB Artwork Designing

  • Photo-plotting

  • Single Side Boards

  • Double side Boards

  • Multilayer Circuit Boards

  • Metal Core PCB’s

  • PCB Assembling and Testing

We also undertake knowledge process outsourcing services in PCB design at all levels on a global scale. We aim to continue to expand and firmly believe that the “Sky is the Limit” to our constant endeavours.