PCB Manufacturing

Our PCB manufacturing is done using state of the art technology and materials. We offer the following Single Side Boards

This is the most widely used PCB in electronic applications. The printed circuit is present only onone side. The dielectric thickness we offer ranges from 0.6 to 3.2 mm and the copper thickness is 18-35-70.

Double Side Boards

We manufacture double sided PCBs and specialise in the following.

  • FR4 PCBs with HAL, Lead Free HAL (RoHS) & ENIG finish
  • Selective Hard Gold Plating.
  • Peelable Mask.

Multilayer Boards

We undertake R&D and manufacturing activities in quick-time for 4 and 6 layer boards. We also manufacture multilayer board of up to 58 layers for bulk quantity orders.

Metal Core Boards

  • Aluminium based MC PCBs for LED lighting & automotive applications.
  • MC PCBs with different thermal conductivity & dielectric breakdown as per Customer specifications

Mechanical Process Tolerance (in mm)
Minimum Annular Ring +/- 0.127
Board Edge to Edge, Routed +/- 0.127
Tooling Hole to Hole +/‐ 0.0508
Hole to Hole +/‐ 0.0508
Tooling Hole to Edge +/‐ 0.0127
Holes to Copper Registration +/‐ 0.127
Copper to Soldermask +/‐ 0.127
Holes to Legend +/‐ 0.254
Top to Bottom Registration +/- 0.127
Image Line Registration 90%Artwork
Edge to Copper +/‐ 0.254
Soldermask clearance +/‐ 0.127
Minimum Hole size 0.257
Minimum Inside Radius 0.381
Minimum Trace Width 0.127
Hole to Hole Clearance 0.381
Pad to Pad Clearance 0.1778
Hole to Board Edge 0.508
Hole Diameter +/‐ 0.635
Scoring Tolerance +/- 0.127

We can manufacture PCBs of any shape and size as per your requirements.